DfR Solutions was initially formed by several senior scientists and staffers from the University
of Maryland's Center for Advanced Life Cycle Engineering (CALCE) for Electronic Product
and Systems, and has grown to include personnel with backgrounds from several industries (automotive, avionics, contract manufacturing, industrial controls, and superconductors).

We're Here to Help You.
The staff at DfR Solutions has world-renowned expertise in applying the science of Reliability
Physics to electrical and electronics technologies, and the company is a leading provider
of quality, reliability, and durability (QRD) research and consulting for the electronics industry.

DfR's integrated use of Physics-of-Failure (PoF) and Best Practices provides crucial insights
and solutions early in product design and development, and throughout the product life cycle.

The personnel at DfR are motivated to provide companies maximum value in their reliability
activities and to promote openness and exchange of information.

After performing over 250 root-cause investigations in the past four years, the scientists and
engineers at DfR have made a name for themselves as world leaders in failure analysis and
accelerated testing of electronics.

We also excel through our strong partnerships with the leading companies in the field of
electronics and software, which include BQR, Qualmark (HALT), Engent (advanced SMT
assembly), Excalibur (design for manufacturing), and Ops Ala Carte (reliability capability

By providing a turnkey solution to all issues in electronics, from component specifications to
lifetime predictions, from connector plating to IGBT functionality, DfR Solutions will take your
reliability concerns and make them ours.

Open Door Policy
DfR Solutions has an "open door" policy. We welcome your questions or concerns.
Please contact us for a complimentary consultation regarding
your needs.

visit us at DfRsolutions.com